The MeIO PaaS (platform as a service) is a powerful cloud-based IoT enabler, empowering organisations to connect to IoT devices, manage and process data and gain meaningful insight.

The combination of our technology stack and open architecture design offers a versatile and scalable platform addressing the needs of Users, including:


MeIO caters for organisations who require the development and hosting of cloud-based IoT solutions for enhancing or expanding the value offering, or for in-house utilisation.

Rapid development and deployment capability for IoT solutions (Application Modules) on the platform reduces total cost of ownership and enables organisations to focus on their core business.



MeIO provides a secure environment for organisations and individuals to access utilise Applications Modules developed and hosted on the platform.

MeIO allows for the development IoT solutions across a wide range of industries and applications, including


MeIO is developed and supported by Seventh Sense IoT. As your IoT solutions partner, SSIoT work with you to understand your requirements and assist you to secure the full benefit of MeIO.

For more information on how MeIO can add value to your organisation, as a Producer or Consumer, contact SSIoT:

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