How we can assist you to recognise the benefits of IoT?

IoT is moving full-steam ahead. Gartner predicts that 25 billion things will be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. Both Cisco and McKinsey Global Institute predict that IoT will generate more than $10 trillion in the coming decade. Cisco predict the market could be worth $14.4 trillion by 2025. While the smartphone market was the quickest business to hit the trillion-dollar-mark in history, the IoT space is by definition much larger in scope and is growing at an almost unthinkable rate. There are realised benefits leading to the success and growth of IoT.

Smart Data

Strategic focus on IoT data collection and analysis can give your organisation visibility into areas of operations you've never had before.

SSIoT have shifted from ‘Big Data’ to ‘Smart Data’. Our focus is on delivering real-time answers and offering insights that are relevant and accessible.

We assist you with the storing of data and packaging the receipt of relevant data within our MeIO system.




To mitigate the risk, any project involving IoT devices will be designed with security in mind. Understanding where vulnerabilities fall on the complexity meter and how serious of a threat they pose is a key focus for SSIoT.

Military grade security is a non-negotiable priority for SSIoT. We mitigate the risk of security problems with the use of proven technologies like end-to-end encryption and token-based authentication that are suited for IoT applications.

Reduced Costs

There are approximately 5 billion connected things in existence today. This excludes computers, phones and tablets. This number is projected to explode due to the dropping price of sensors, increased connectivity and reduced data storage and processing costs.

SSIoT’s objective is to utilise IoT to reduce your company’s cost position. We can assist you to decrease maintenance costs due to pre-emptive maintenance to protect high value equipment / data, etc.


Integration of Systems

As IoT is adopted within an organisation, SSIoT will assist you with the rapid demand for bandwidth.


We work closely with you to ensure all hardware and software integrate without disruption.


Improved Efficiency

SSIoT can assist you with the following efficiencies:

  • Provide accurate smart data.
  • Pre-emptive maintenance: alert decision makers to possible problems before they occur.
  • Enhance operational efficiency / reduce inefficiencies in the supply chain.
  • Keeps a record of syncronised information.
  • Improve operator training.
  • Lower accident rates and security incidents.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention.


Speak to us about how we can assist you achieve your objectives.