Our Vision

To develop solutions that make life and business easier and smarter. 

To improve efficiencies through simple IoT solutions. 

To strengthen African technology development and become a well-known IoT service provider internationally.

Our Mission

Be customer-centric through value adding partnerships by providing our customers with unequaled quality of IoT solutions and related services and support.

Build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, service providers and suppliers.

Actively support and promote African based, leading technology development and innovation.

Promote positive change and societal upliftment through smart solutions.

Our Values

We are collaborative and team focused. 

We fail fast and drive change. 

We strive for simplicity and excellence. 

We are adventurous, creative and open-minded.

We operate with transparency, integrity, honesty and respect.

Our Customer-centric Approach

We understand that delivering on real customer needs is essential, and more so when offering integrated business solutions. Our customer-centric approach is founded on the following critical principles:

Understand our customers’ needs and requirements.

Be creative, flexible and open-minded in solution design and development.

Focus on real benefits to customers in solution building and delivery.

Be technology agnostic and find the best solution for the job.

Quality of service and product is not negotiable.

Align solutions with customers' business needs and objectives for measurable value management.

Deliver solutions and service of the highest quality through experienced and expert resources.

Demonstrate our capabilities and benefits to customers through value-based services and pricing.